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Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development


Mr.Marasinghe is a Graduate from the University of Kelaniya and also holds a Master

Degree in Public Administration from Post Graduate Institute of Management, University

of Sri Jayawardenapura, and LLB from Open University of Sri Lanka. He is an Attorney-

at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. He is a Senior Sri Lanka Administrative

Service Officer.

Mr.Marasinghe is the Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development, Sri

Lanka. Mr. Marasinghe has held several important positions including Secretary, Ministry of

Plantation Industries, Secretary Ministry of Education, Secretary, Ministry of Productivity

Promotion, Additional Secretary Ministry of Education, Director, National Productivity

Secretariat, Director, Vocational Training Authority, Assistant Commissioner, Ministry of

Agrarian Services, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Plantation Industries, Assistant

Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Assistant Director, and Ministry of Fisheries in Sri


Mr.Marasinghe is a qualified specialist in Productivity, as he was awarded with Asian

Productivity Organization National Award in 2011 for recognition of his outstanding

contribution to the productivity movement in Sri Lanka and also he is a APO Technical


He has authored several books including Road to Excellence – Incredible 5S, 5S for

productivity improvement, Quality circles and Quality tools for productivity improvement

(Sinhala), Deming’s 14 Points for Productivity Improvement , Balanced Scorecard, A/L

chemistry-Industrial chemistry ,A/L chemistry – Maulaya, A/L chemistry –Isomerism, A/L

chemistry– Kinetics, O/L Science, Science for Children


Institutions Under The Purview of Ministry

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)

cpcCPC is carrying out all the commercial activities related to importing, refining, blending storing, distributing and retailing of petroleum products (downstream petroleum industry)


Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL)

cpstlCPSTL is responsible for storage and distribution of Petroleum Products.



Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat

To ensure that all Sri Lankans benefit from the petroleum resources of the country by managing the industry in an equitable, safe and environmentally sustainable manner