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In Sri Lanka, petroleum is one of the key energy sources that have become indispensable for day-today life of everyone. The Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development as the policy making body in the field of petroleum industry, has taken several important policy decisions and initiated few programmes and projects during the reporting period in collaboration with its agencies in order to fulfill the increasing demand for petroleum products at an affordable and reliable price to the customers. As the Minister of Petroleum Resources Development, I assures that I will carry out pre-planned and post planned-activities for the sustainability of petroleum industry during my tenure. I will further assure that I will take accurate steps for the betterment of the petroleum industry.

Accordingly, oil procurements are being carried out on a transparent manner enabling to ensure an uninterrupted fuel supply for the country. Further, steps have been taken to rehabilitate and develop very old infrastructure facilities which are more essential to render the petroleum related services efficiently and effectively. In addition, several strategical steps have been taken to change the accumulated losses by strengthening the financial capability of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation by introducing different profit-making business ventures. It is envisaged that Hon. Deputy Minister, Secretary to the Ministry and other officials, Heads of institutions and their officials and Boards of Directors would extend their fullest co-operation to enhance the performance of the petroleum sector to a more satisfactory level.


Hon. Arjuna Ranatunga
Minister of Petroleum Resources Development


Current Local Fuel Prices







Petrol 92 Octane : Rs. 155.00 Per Litre

Petrol 95 Octane : Rs. 169.00 Per Litre

Auto Diesel : Rs. 123.00 Per Litre

Lanka Super Diesel : Rs. 141.00 Per Litre

Kerosene : Rs. 70.00 Per Litre

Lanka Industrial Kerosene : Rs. 110.00 Per Litre

Furnace Oil 800Sec : Rs 80.00 Per Litre

Furnace Oil 1500Sec : Rs 80.00 Per Litre

Furnace Oil 3000Sec : Rs 80.00 Per Litre

Source : Ceylon Petroleum Corporation